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Plowing into the industry for many years, we provide a full range of traffic services for overseas enterprises (digital trade), covering more than 200 countries and regions around the world, and our services include games, e-commerce, finance, pan-entertainment, and tools and other popular categories of overseas applications, to create exclusive advertising and marketing solutions for you.


We're more than an agency - we're a partner in your growth.

Covering more than 2,000 independent media outlets worldwide, as well as more than 50 mainstream media outlets.
Obtained the core agency qualification of the world's four major streaming media (Google/Facebook/Twitter/Tik Tok), helping enterprises to improve the efficiency of going overseas.

Overseas Market Research

According to the overseas market selected by the client, we will conduct in-depth research on the recent situation of the market and provide feedback.

Global Market Insights

The team will conduct in-depth research on global industry trends through a big data platform to gain insights into industry changes and make timely program adjustments.

Tailored Growth Strategies

We will determine the most appropriate strategy for your business based on the KPIs you define for us.

Return on Investment Projections

Our digital strategists will provide detailed forecasts of your expectations for growth, traffic, revenue, and more.

Why Choose Us

Enhance your online marketing efforts with GINGMI's one-stop solution.

Social Media Marketing

Social media advertising such as Facebook, TIKTOK, Google Apps AdWords and others.

Fine operation services:

Provide a variety of refined operation services for customers to experience one-stop marketing services, including brand exposure, enhance ROI, etc..

Optimization of tracking the effect of placement


The exclusive big data platform can detect the effect of the placement at the same time, to improve the accuracy of the client's advertising.

Web3 Marketing

Use the technology of the future to build word-of-mouth about your brand in a decentralized digital environment.

Application APP on the shelf

Google App Store APP one-stop upload support service.

Cheat Traffic Recognition

The original five cheating identification mechanism, to provide customers with the most professional anti-cheating services.

Three major features establish GINGMI's brand advantage

Efficient full-service, in-depth empowerment growth marketing


Coverage of almost all popular countries around the world

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  • Deep plowing industry for many years, has many years of advertising experience, put the country covers the world's five continents, more than 200 countries and regions, which put Brazil, the Philippines, Vietnam, India and other popular countries of the sea marketing program have gained fruitful results.


Experienced team on the shelf quickly consume stable

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The team has many years of experience in advertising, high efficiency and stability on the shelves, basically can ensure that within 3-5 days, smooth on track, in the completion of the client's KPI's based on a stable consumption of $20,000 - $30,000.


Real-time tracking of placement effects

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GINGMI has established a perfect tracking system of advertising effect by using big data system, and will adjust the advertising strategy in time according to the all-round data of advertising effect, such as the consumption data after advertising, so as to guarantee the best advertising effect.


Focused on customer service and continuous growth

We will analyze your industry background, business content and marketing strategy. We customize your digital marketing plan with keywords, competitors and market research to ensure your digital marketing is continuously optimized.

  • All campaign data at your fingertips
  • Access to easy-to-understand reports
  • Staying on top of digitalization trends
  • Saving critical time in communication

Monetize your brand's reputation with tailored digital marketing solutions. Also utilizing SEO strategies, social media marketing and many other optimization options to bring you sustainable and visible benefits.

Choose Your Plan

Our Service Process
Select Your Program

We'll listen and customize the right digital marketing solution for each client to help your program reach its growth goals and take your business to the next level!


Understand the client's business and development objectives

  • We listen carefully to our customers
  • Discover what makes each business unique
  • Matching the needs of customers at different stages

Business valuation and market analysis

  • Big data through the market
  • Analyze your current business trends
  • Positioning of target customers
  • in order to target resources more accurately

Tailor an effective digital marketing promotion strategy

  • customer-oriented
  • With the most appropriate budget
  • Developing the right online promotion program for our clients

Our Success Stories

Listen to comments from different customers and how GINGMI has exceeded their expectations .



The cooperation with GINGMI comes from a very accidental opportunity, in a meal with partners, friends will GINGMI recommended to me, just contact GINGMI staff can feel their professional business ability, basically I have any needs and questions they can provide the first time to solve the problem, and the cooperation with GINGMI always let you very worry, do not need too much words to accomplish the results you need to achieve, the first deposit can also be very satisfied with about $15. The cooperation with GINGMI always saves you a lot of trouble, you don't need too many words to accomplish the effect you need to achieve, and the first deposit can reach about 15 dollars which makes me very satisfied. I hope the cooperation with GINGMI will continue to be as smooth as ever.



Originally, we came to GINGMI for the latest campaign with the intention to try it out, but we didn't expect that we would achieve extraordinary results with the help of GINGMI. At GINGMI, the first deposit of their ads can be as low as $10, which is a very good way to control our costs. At the same time, they have good advertising results, especially in the follow-up efforts made by their advertising, let us marvel. GINGMI's exclusive advertising results tracking system, will be adjusted at any time our advertising strategy, is our advertising results have always been maintained at a very high level. We will cooperate with GINGMI in more aspects in the future.



Our cooperation with GINGMI dates back to 2020, when GINGMI was far from being as convenient and fast as it is today. But at that time, I was still impressed by the patience of GINGMI staff and their rich experience in the industry. Working with GINGMI always saves you a lot of time and effort, and what I like most about GINGMI is their ability to make adjustments, both before and after the placement, to keep an eye on the placement situation and make the best choice. And with the improvement of technology, you can see their progress every year, and now their first deposit in Vietnam has also stepped into the threshold of 60-80 dollars. We hope our cooperation with GINGMI will be better and better.


Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are financial, gaming, or e-commerce, to help you quickly open an account, fast start placement, the fastest 2 hours can be effective; with leading placement technology, services to more than 500 customers, the formation of a set of research, planning, optimization, placement, feedback and tracking of the one-stop service system; so that your products and services to fight the global.

Our company is a full-service marketing consulting provider that offers comprehensive services covering online marketing efforts. These services include search engine marketing, search engine optimization, general app marketing, app store optimization, app advertising, social media management, campaign management, website design and Web3 marketing. Our goal is to provide our clients with the marketing consulting, tools and resources necessary to develop and implement a strategic marketing plan that meets their business goals.

GINGMI is a leading provider of cutting-edge technology solutions and marketing consulting designed to improve app store performance and optimize visibility through app marketing and app advertising strategies.

Initial Marketing Counseling Session: We begin with an initial marketing counseling session, where we meet with the client to understand their business goals, obstacles, and current marketing efforts.

Market and Competitor Research: As a marketing consulting firm, it is important for us to conduct thorough market research to gather information about consumer behavior, market trends, and competition in order to identify your target audience. This is a critical part of enabling us to provide useful marketing consulting.

Strategy Development: Based on the information gathered, our team of experts will develop a customized marketing strategy that meets the client's business objectives. The strategy will be formally presented to the client during the next marketing consultation meeting.

Implementation: We will work with the client to implement the agreed upon marketing strategy, which may involve tasks such as creating marketing materials, setting up campaigns, allocating resources, and launch management.

Tracking and Reporting: We will monitor the performance of the campaign and provide the client with monthly reports which will highlight the results that need to be adjusted. We will discuss recommendations for improvement during the next marketing consultation for ongoing optimization.


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Senior offshore technical team.

The technical team has been deeply engaged in overseas traffic for seven years, and independently researched and developed the underlying protocol technology of overseas platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, TikTok, Instagram, telegram and so on.


Multi-matrix marketing system.

GINGMI overseas team has been providing services for overseas attraction marketing business since its establishment, has accumulated a wealth of overseas marketing experience, to provide customers with the most professional business consulting.


Professional Consultants Online Services.

We attach great importance to the customer's after-sales service, 7x24 hours online answer, no matter the customer is located in any time zone of the world, you can always find our customer service butt to solve the problem.

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